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Hi, my name is David Kent, a Cambridge University graduate of math. I am the co-founder and Chief executive of Trendo. Before Trendo,
I was the head of the analytic division During my years in JP Morgan, I recognized the barrier for most people to start trading was the lack of confidence and experience. Following this insight, and with the help of two colleagues of mine, we created Trendo.

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what's trendo?
What would you say if I told you, it was possible to know in advance if the price of Gold will go up, or that the Oil rate will go down within the next hour?
Are you familiar with binary options? If not, don’t worry, now you have Trendo!!! Binary options is an exciting trading method that only recently has burst in popularity as more and more people come to realize its incredible income potential. But and there’s always a ‘but’, they don’t know where and how to start.
Trendo Gives You the Needed Edge to Trade
You can earn €1,500 a day and even more, in fact, Trendo will do that for you, simple is that. It's not necessary to have any experience to make money with Trendo. It's completely free of charge, legal and easy to use. Just Download Trendo, and see how simple it is to generate a large and steady income from the comfort of your own home. Read more here www.trendosignal.com
trendo packages
The Trendo Signal Tool is now, after a beta testing period, available to the world for a launch price of
only $129 monthly. The software allows 24 hours of free signals on the trail version, and following
that requires a subscription to be acquired.
Some of the trading platforms we have integrated with are offering to their users Trendo for free.
Please look at the “Special offer” tab to visualize the relevant offers.
Read more here www.trendosignal.com
special offer
Today’s special offer is by 24Option
Deposit today and receive one month of free signals! This offer is worth 129$ and is offered only to
Trendo Signal users. Don’t miss out on your chance to receive this generous reward!
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customer satisfaction
Our success with Trendo would not have been possible without our users. Some of our satisfied users have decided to write us emails and record video testimonials. Have a look on what our users have to say about Trendo. Read more here www.trendosignal.com

Here are some of Trendo

software powerful benefits:

Earn Up to 85% on every trade

Trendo simply gives you the needed edge to place profitable trades repeatedly.

Exclusive Bonuses on Brokers’ Platforms

Incredible bonuses specially tailored for Trendo users on each of the brokers’ Platforms.

Downloadable Software

Trendo software is installed on your computer and located on your Desktop, so you can easily use it whenever you want.

Real-Time Graph

Once you choose an asset – the current direction of the asset will be displayed within the software.

User Friendly

Trendo is very easy to use, you don’t even have to know how to trade, and you definitely don’t need any technical skills.

All in one

No need to juggle between browsers, everything you need located in one place.

Free & Uninterrupted Signals

Trendo's algorithm predicts the course of a trade. Uninterrupted continuous signals are being generated automatically according to the changes in the markets.

Reputable broker platforms online

With our selected brokers you can maximize your profits on every winning trade.

Check performance records which reveal

the full potential of Trendo